Tuesday, January 22, 2008


There are many steps in making a little comfort quilt. Of course we start with the really hard part, obtaining the fabric! If we are lucky, the fabric is donated to us or someone donates money so we can shop. WalMart has a great supply of $2 fabric which is decent quality.

Once the fabric & batting has made its way to our sweat shop, we cut up the fabric to make simple kits or in some cases, we use panels for a top. Mary's 87 year old mother, who lives in the Pioneer Home in Prescott, makes most of our tops for us. She returns them & we send them out to be trimmed & pressed.

Inge is our super "sandwich" maker. She pins the batting, tops & backs together & passes them off to Marlene who trims them (and also cuts fabric for the kits in her spare time).

The rest of us take the trimmed, pinned quilts & do sew arounds to finish the quilts. Then, several ladies tie the quilts (Cam does most of them). Once in awhile we need twin quilts or a king sized one for a raffle. These are finished on the long-arm. Linda is shown here quilting a twin for Maggie's Place.

OLB at the 2005 Christmas Party.

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